I’ve done quite a large share of webdesign work, for privates, non-profits and companies. Although I’m always available for developing websites, my passion is usually in developing bigger systems that power complex websites and online platforms.

My framework of choice is Laravel, because not only is it extremely powerful and extendable, it also helps developing beautiful and maintainable code.

Here are a few things I developed, both for clients and as side-projects:

Ambrósio is a personal assistant bot built and run on the Telegram platform.

Kalaksi (defunct)

Kalaksi was an alternative social-network based on the concept of syndication (think RSS/Atom feeds). It allowed multiple “timelines” which can be fed content through different sources. It adds social features on top of that, and every timeline publishes back its own RSS feed.

https://www.monitforce.pt (not public)

This is a complex energy monitoring platform developed for a solar energy company in Portugal. It allows its clients to have a live view of the current status of their solar installation, as well as see historical data, get financial reports of their investment, etc. It also works as a back-end for the company staff as well, it detects failures automatically via customized alerts, fires notifications and provides analysis tools.

MyDaily.email (on hold)

This was a simple online service that let you build your own email templates that have content fed into from different sources (calendar, rss feeds, news, weather, etc), and then deliver it to your inbox at days/time of your choosing.
I paused development last year to focus on other things, but intend to get back to it soon.

Tradugo (on hold)

Tradugo is an online service that helps you translate content using a custom developed split-screen editor with some cool features. It’s focused on simplicity and focus, and purposely avoids all the clutter in complex and expensive translations tools.