Hi! I’m Nuno Donato 👋
A chronic developer born and living in Portugal.

I started coding with QBasic when I was 7, and since then it has been part of my life. I’ve done simple apps, complex apps, full-stack development on the web (Laravel ❤), designed databases, developed games and love to imagine and create small tools. I’m currently working as a freelancer and available for contract work.

I’m a big GTD evangelist and all-round productivity enthusiast. I do private coaching and wrote a book on the topic.

This website also hosts my main blog where I post everything from tech and parenting to off-grid and simple-living.

The best way to reach out to me is via email, but you can also find me on LinkedIn, GitHub and twitter.

Latest posts in the Blog

  • You can’t improve what you don’t track ⏲️
    As part of a recent online book club, I spent my last three weeks re-reading Darren Hardy’s “The Compound Effect” on my Kobo eReader. «No gimmicks. No Hyperbole. No Magic Bullet. The Compound Effect is based on the principle that decisions shape […]
  • A class in the clouds – homeschooling with Flight Simulator ✈☁️
    This pandemic is running for too long. In our home we all feel a growing desire to move, travel, see places, learn new things…. and adding this to this dad’s passion for airplanes…. well, we got ourselves an idea for a different […]
  • How I helped a client cut down 90% of server costs with MySQL
    First of all, I hope the title isn’t too catchy or misleading. There are no magic secrets here, actually, it’s all pretty common stuff for anyone that has some experience with any DBMS. But that is, in itself, part of point of […]