Private Coaching

Getting Things Done® (GTD® for short) is probably one of the world’s most famous productivity methodologies.

I’ve been applying GTD® on my own personal and professional life since I first came in contact with it, more than 16 years ago.

Since 2011 I began teaching it to individuals and organizations from all sorts of industries. Working with so many people over the years helped me build my own method on how to better teach GTD and make it stick.

I’ve also realized that although GTD is, in essence, very simple, it’s also very complex to learn (a kind of a paradox!). Many people who try to learn and apply GTD fail multiple times, because some of the most important aspects of the methodology are commonly overlooked.

In order to maximize success rates, I began a program of one-on-one online coaching using GTD®. If you have participated in GTD® workshops or read David Allen’s book it can give you an head start, but its not a requirement for these sessions.

After an initial assessment, I layout a plan customized for each client, which includes:

  • reading material
  • practical exercises
  • unlimited number of video calls
  • unlimited email support

I don’t set limits on calls or time-frames because each person requires a different amount of time to get to the same results. My commitment is to get each client from 0 to 100% in their GTD® practice, and I only stop when that has been achieved.

This is a very time consuming effort for me and I charge a very affordable price for the work involved, so I don’t accept many clients simultaneously.

Do you need help? Drop me an email and we can get the conversation started 🙂

Disclaimer: I’m not a certified GTD® coach, nor am I associated with the David Allen Company.