October in Review

October was a “disaster” if I would rate it by the standards I had set in place in September. But I’m giving myself some slack here since lots of things have been going on.

I started a new job at a different company, and that, by itself, was a big thing. Well, half because of the new job and half because of leaving the old job. Turns out I get attached to people really easily and it’s hard for me to let go. I guess people in my field are used to switching regularly, but for me, being relatively new to this “job” thing, changing teams felt a bit awkward.

I also made a big decision to abandon Discord, where I was very active in a couple of communities. I’m still having mixed feelings about this. In a way, it was a good decision because it was a big time-sink and I want to spend more quality time on other things. On the other hand, I realized that it was giving me good social-interaction-time which I lack (partially because we moved to a new place where I don’t know anyone yet, and partially because having kids and a job means I don’t have much energy left to seek social events).

This all left me in a strange state where I kind of dragged myself along the month, left my reading behind, and spent some evenings every week watching TV (discovered two cool series). I also found myself spending much more time scrolling Twitter to catch up with what people are doing (I guess discord was fulfilling that before).

Anyway, as we entered November I started to grow more aware of my state during the previous month and wanting to change it. Hopefully, November will “fix” things 🙂

Yesterday a picked up a tech book that I had left halfway. Turns out that the new job is creating lots of opportunities to learn and develop my coding skills (which was one of my main intentions for the switch).

Also bumped into a cool post about blogging frequently (link below), so I’m planning to start writing more regular ‘today I learned’ posts.

Random Interesting Links

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