A Personal Assistant bot for Telegram

My favorite part about being a developer is being able to “scratch-my-own-itch” in a variety of ways 🙂

For a long time I had this dream of developing a digital personal assistant, and finally got started! In these day and age, a personal assistant makes sense to live in a communication app/platform, and Telegram was just perfect for it!

I call it “Ambrósio”, which is a Portuguese name kinda associated with butlers.

For now it has some basic features like reminders, loading up your calendars (from google cal, fastmail, etc), letting you know your daily agenda everyday, quick searching wikipedia, and so on.

But I’m also developing some private (me-only) features in order to have intelligent info regarding my off-grid solar system. I’ll write about that soon.

For now, if you want to give Ambrósio a try, head over to its microsite: https://ambrosio.nunodonato.com. There you can find the link to open a chat in telegram and get started. It also lists all the available commands and sub-commands.

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