Notes for 16 May 2020

Going to start doing some educational sessions with my 4-yr old daughter once or twice a week, with the use of the computer. Currently looking out for cool educational channels on youtube and things to introduce her to. So far I’ve managed this short list of possible interesting things to try out (based on her interests)

  • geography – google maps/earth – solar system – day/night cycle
  • managing the photos we take of her and her artwork/plays during the week
  • maybe start her own blog to share her photos and funny stories with family
  • educational games? maybe too soon for that and I definitely don’t want to get her hooked on the computer or screens so soon!
  • introducing her to wikipedia / khan academy as good places to learn and seek answers to her questions

Random cool stuff of the day

  • Going to start learning Morse code soon. Here’s a nice one online, with videos that teach you the right way to learn morse (I did not know you should NOT try to read it)
  • Trying to improve my skills in XPlane and radio navigation without using GPS. Found out SkyVector, a great free website to plan flights, check VOR frequencies and more.

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