What am I up to now?

This page was inspired by Derek Sivers’ The Now Page Movement.

Last update: 9th September 2022

After many years of working on different creative ventures and freelance work, I am now working full-time as a back-end developer. So, yes, that means that during the day I may not be as available as I was before 🙂
This was also a reason that made me stop my work with GTD coaching as I didn’t have the time to run it in parallel.

For the past months, I’ve been diving into Artificial Intelligence – mostly OpenAI’s GPT3 – and trying a bunch of cool stuff as “side-projects”. That took me to record some videos which I’ve been posting on my youtube channel.

This summer we have left our off-grid house and land to move to the north, Braga region. This was motivated mainly by finding a good school for our daughters. Right now we are living in an apartment until we decide with more certainty what to do and where to stay. It’s funny to be back to “modern civilization” again 😀

In 2022 I decided to commit to a personal goal of reading 2 books a month. Been going pretty well and I’ve read some really amazing books this year. Want to blog more about that. Too many books to list here.

I’ve been trying to come up with a personal exercise routine (I’m not a gym guy). So far the results are terrible, but I’ll keep pushing it.

Started listening to podcasts more regularly. My 2 mandatory ones are Cal Newport’s Deep Questions and Brett McKay’s The Art of Manliness.

I continue my years-long effort to disconnect more often and enjoy quality time with stuff that actually deserves my attention (vs social media, memes, youtube videos, etc). At this point, my phone barely has any apps and I also stopped using Twitter on the computer. I’m mostly free from all of that. I am becoming more and more mindful of how I spend my limited time on this planet.

I’ve been trying out lots of tweaks to my own productivity system. Largely based on GTD but with many new inputs from others. Been loving it so far because it is so simple and handy while maintaining the needed reliability.

Don’t really get much free time for games and hobbies, but when I do I still like to jump on a plane in MS Flight Simulator 🙂 I’ve also started solving jigsaw puzzles with my daughters, which turned out to be a really fun, relaxing, and focus-training hobby.