What if your life was a movie plot?

I enjoy reading “LifeProTips”, usually you can find quite some gems worth taking with you and applying in your life.

Today I read one that made me think for a while. Despite being extremely simple (and perhaps too simple and short that you could probably skip it), something caught my attention.

If you’re feeling bored or stuck, imagine your life is a movie and do something to advance the plot.

Unfortunately, it got some negative reactions from people who don’t seem to get it at all.

“Life isn’t a movie, don’t mess up”. “You only get one life”. “This could get dangerous”. etc ad nauseam…

Of course it’s not about deciding to climb the Himalayas, go and hunt sharks or skydive because your life is stuck.

In my opinion there’s a lot to take from this simple tip, and it’s all about thinking outside the box. Especially when we are stuck, our minds tend to go over and over and over the same thoughts, without being able to see things differently. Whenever we are stuck (life, work, etc), changing perspectives, doing something different, is extremely helpful.

And this is what I think it’s about, changing something to stir up things around you. Using the example of a movie it’s easy because most people can think of plenty of movies where interesting/unexpected things happen.

It’s not about crazy, dangerous, daring things. It’s about things that just break the monotony of the plot, that enrich the story and make you want to watch it for some more time to see what’s going to happen next.

So, next time your life is stuck, imagine if it were a movie. What could possibly happen that would create sparks and trigger new happenings and events?

Change, no matter what it is, is always better than being stuck. Always do something, no matter what, because doing something is better than being stuck. We need to keep the wheels going in order to get out of the rut.