30-day challenge

When I was cleaning out my previous blog to scan for worthy content to put back on this one, I had to re-watch a few videos I had posted. Mostly TED talks and inspirational stuff 🙂 It was good because even though I remembered the videos, I couldn’t actually remember the content or what were the main things to take out from each one.

It was particularly useful, at this time, to watch this TED talk on the 30-day challenge. Basically, every month you take a new challenge to do/learn/practice something which you would like to do/try/know but never did before. And for 30 days, you force yourself to do it a little bit every day.

I never got to actually do the 30-day challenge, so this was a good reminder! I’m going to think of something and start on the next 1st of November 😀

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