It all started with a notepad…

Sharing another one of my “epiphanies” 🙂

I love notepads and journals. Over the years I’ve accumulated lots of small (A5/A6) journals that I carried around. I’m especially a sucker for those that have beautiful designed covers (looking at you Paperblanks!!).

I tend to get a journal for specific purposes. Sometimes it was to register thoughts, others for inspirations I read/find/hear… others still for more specific “topics” like spirituality or work and leadership.

But there was always one thing in common with all of them, after some few weeks I’d stop updating them and would eventually die out with less than a couple of pages written. I guess my motivation and inspiration to stick to a strong habit of writing about the same topic for a prolonged period of time, wanes pretty fast.

Then I bumped into a video which “changed my life”. No, it was not a deep movie, it was not a motivational guru or a insightful TED talk. It was just this guy talking for 5min on how he uses his notepads

And then it clicked! I’ve been using them in a wrong way all this time!

So I vowed to try once again, adopting this more “free” way to manage my writings. No specific topics, no restrictions, no goals, no attempts to keep it nice. Just use it for whatever the hell you want.

Fast forwarding a couple of weeks, my new journal is going strong and I’ve been enjoying using it DAILY! Sometimes I write stuff I need to do, other times I use it during meetings to take notes, and often to just brainstorm stuff, draw, etc.

I dont feel restricted in any way so I’m more compelled to use it, instead of waiting to have the “perfect piece to write”.

Yes, that was my epiphany 🙂 But wait, that was just the beginning!

Yesterday I was in “dot-connecting-mode”, and suddenly I realized I’ve been repeating this same pattern regarding my websites/blogs. I’ve lost track of how many I’ve started and closed over the years, and the problem was exactly the same: I want to specialize in some specific topic, but then after some time I get distracted with other things, and enter this never-ending loop of trying to find “the perfect post” to write again. Eventually, things die out due to lack of content.

So I thought, it would be better to do the same thing as with the journal, just have one generic blog where I can dump everything I’d like, without restrictions, without trying to look nice, without waiting for the perfect post!

And thus, this website came to being 🙂