Cleaning Frenzy

There are two kind of people in the world: those who love house chores, and those who hate house chores. As I am on the second group, house chores feel uninteresting, boring, painful work that *has to be done*.

I love to read about other people’s routines and lifehacks on how to optimize their lives, so a few months back I began my own research to optimize house chores. From the many tips and ideas that came out of it, I’d like to speak a bit about the “Cleaning Frenzy“.

Disclaimer: We’ve tuned up the cleaning frenzy to better match our life, house and personal preferences, so you might get slightly different tips if you read about it in other places.

So what is it about? Simply put, its a short daily period where you intensely clean/reorganize the stuff around your house. The science behind the “cleaning frenzy” is two-fold:

  1. it’s always easy to do work you dislike if it is for a short AND defined period of time (that means: the end is in sight!!)
  2. even small little touches here and there around the house, when done daily will help create a better environment (physically and mentally).

Cleaning frenzies have a few simple rules:

  • do it daily
  • do it for short periods (10-15min maximum)
  • don’t interrupt it for anything

During that time you can do anything that improves the cleanliness of your living space. And you can pick whatever you want! So this might include: dusting, washing a bowl, making your bed, taking the trash out, collect loose pieces of cloth, rearrange the carpets, do a quick sweep of the floor, put the kid’s toys back in their place, etc.

For us, it’s also a moment of fun. Yes, you have to take the word “frenzy” literally 😀

The way we do it is like this: before we start we make a playlist with 3 kickass songs (cheerful songs, like the ones that make you want to jump and dance). We press play and only stop when the music is over.

Suddenly, cleaning is fun and bearable again 🙂

Try it out for yourself and feel the difference it makes.