Purging season

It’s been a (long) while since my last post. I thought it would be good to return here to write about my current “purging season”, something that started happening by “accident”. Or, without my own conscious intention to do it.

A lot of factors seem to have aligned around the same time in my life and demand me to re-think, re-evaluate and re-decide on a lot of stuff. Spending the last 3 weeks mostly doing volunteer work close to nature, friends and away from computers had a really strong impact on my mind. So much that I even find myself thinking “what the hell am I doing spending so much time doing meaningless computer work?”

I miss living close to nature, walking barefoot, growing plants and vegetables and this amazing world that is waiting for me outside the apartment window. Being away from the computer and from the internet for these couple of weeks made me realize how little I need all of it. When I reached home I found out several facebook emails (facebook never sent me an email before), with clear marketing techniques to “capture me back into the matrix”. In a quick and swift move I just closed my account and send it all down the drain. Don’t miss it.

The game I was currently developing also suffered a sudden change of events as the artist I was working with decided to step away due to life circumstances and I can’t count on him any further. Which, at this point, makes really hard for me to get this game to where I was aspiring to.

I also began re-reading an old book on Ayurveda, the most ancient life science. It was great to remember how much I love it and can use it to help myself and others to live better. I am now considering doing a real training to become a professional ayurvedic therapist or counselor.

On a more physical level I’m doing a simple detox program on my own(with ayurvedic inspiration) to improve my health further and fix a few nuisances I have been dealing with. So besides my already usual meditation and yoga practices, I’m now including some other simple ayurvedic techniques to tune up my health.

It is funny, it’s a new season and my life seems to be responding to it also, in different levels. Old things are going, some things are changing, new things are coming.

Can’t wait to see what will happen next… although at this very moment I feel a bit lost, can’t help but feel that life is really magic and mysterious! 🙂

And now that facebook isn’t around anymore, I’ll definitely be blogging regularly again 😀